If you want to get a pet, be warned: You’ll never eat in peace again.

1. “You, uh … you gonna eat that?”

2. “You’re going to share, RIGHT?”

3. “Hey. Hey. That looks pretty good.”


5. “I’ll just be right over here in case you want to fling that sandwich across the room … “

6. “All right, Human, we can do this the easy way or the hard way … “

7. “Yes, hello, our sources tell us that you have food.”

8. “Gimme. Gimme it. Gimme all your foods.”

9. “If you feel like dropping any crumbs, that’d be fine by me.”

10. “A cat’s gotta eat too, ya know.”

11. “But, but … it’s pizza!”

12. “I’d like some of whatever it is you’re eating, please.”

13. “Please excuse the drool. That just smells really good.”

14. “Here, lemme help you out with that.”


16. “You don’t mind if I borrow this, right?”

17. “Soon. Very soon.”

18. “The fortune cookie has spoken. You should probably give me your takeout.”

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